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Aqua Bloks - Pool Cover Securing Accessories

plugWon't split like water bags! These rugged polyethylene tubs are made to stay flexible down to 50°F below zero. Will not crack or leak in the coldest weather. The blocks come with a secure snap-lock cover and are U.V. treated to last for years. Unique nesting design allows for easy storage. Each Aqua Blok measures 3’ L x 8”W x 4”D. Hold your cover firmly in place with Aqua Bloks! 5-Year Warranty.

NW145 Aqua Blok (each) $19 buynow

NW145-6 Aqua Blok (6-pack) $89 buynow

NW145-12 Aqua Blok (12-pack) $159 buynow

Aqua Blok Sizing Chart

Pool Size # of Aqua Bloks Needed
12' x 24' 24
14' x 28' 28
16' x 32' 32
18' x 36' 36
20' x 40' 40




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