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Hayward Aqua Connect Pool Control System

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Hayward Aqua Connect Home Network, Internet and Wi-Fi remote control. Minimum Pro Logic 4.20 software required or Aqua Rite Pro 1.20 software required. Hayward Aqua Connect gives you three ways to manage every essential pool, spa and backyard function. Simply choose the Aqua Connect system that fits your individual needs. Aqua Connect Web allows you to manage your pool via the Internet from anywhere. Aqua Connect Home Network communicates with web-enabled computers or handheld, WiFi devices in your home to control all pool functions. Aqua Connect Home Automation allows your pool and spa controller to interface seamlessly with your home automation system so that one keypad or display panel can handle your pool, home theater equipment, security, lighting and more. At home or on the road, you can monitor pool and spa settings, adjust parameters and receive an automatic alert if a problem is detected. You can manage pH and sanitization to achieve the perfect water chemistry, turn up the spa heater before you head home from work, turn lights on and off, activate waterfalls and more, all while conserving energy. Anything you can do from your pool controller, you can now do anywhere.
*Requires Wireless Base Antenna AQL2-BASE-RF

AQ-CO-HOMENET Aqua Connect Home Network Device $439.99

AQ-CO-HOMENET+BASE with Wireless Base Antenna AQL2-BASE-RF $618.99

Features 3 Ways to Connect to Your Pool

Hayward Aqua Connect Web:

Available on Pro Logic, Aqua Plus and Aqua Rite Pro.

Use the Internet to manage your pool from anywhere in the world. Aqua Connect Web is Hayward's premium remote pool and spa management service. With a subscription to our Aqua Connect website, you can monitor and react to more than 100 parameters and settings from anywhere. All that's required is a landline Internet connection or web-enabled device such as a Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can monitor multiple residences such as vacation homes, as well as include your pool service company in the network so they can monitor your pool too.

Hayward Aqua Connect Home Network:

Available on Pro Logic, Aqua Plus and Aqua Rite Pro.

Manage your pool by creating a network inside and outside your home. Aqua Connect Home Network bridges your Hayward pool controller to your home network. It allows you to manage pool and spa functions using any desktop or laptop computer, or mobile WiFi devices such as an Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

Hayward Aqua Connect Home Automation:

Available on Pro Logic.

Pool management with one universal remote control. Wouldn't it be great to have your pool and spa controller interface seamlessly with your home automation system so that one keypad or display panel can handle home theater equipment, security, lighting, landscape sprinklers, and other backyard functions. Aqua Connect Home Automation provides the simplified control you've been wanting. It's fully automated, blissfully simple and compatible with home automation platforms manufactured by Crestron and AMX.

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