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Aquabot JR Inground Pool Cleaner
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Aquabot Junior - In a Class of it's own!

Just Plug it in and Turn it on! No Hoses, Booster Pumps or Pool Filter Connections Needed.

OTHER Pool cleaners today consist of so many moving part s that experience regular wear and tear nearly annually. With pool store walls full of costly replacement parts, can you really go
another year spending your hard earned money to fix that old inefficient cleaner again? And with today's skyrocketing energy costs, have you ever really checked to see what it costs to run your pool filter...your electric bills are essentially double that if you're using a booster pump! (you know, the additional pump that powers your cleaner only). With Aquabot Junior you will save money,
a lot of it! In fact you will save as much as 50% of your total maintenance bills, including energy, chemicals, water and even the environment.

Aquabot Junior Cleans - Without Hoses, Booster Pumps or the Pool's Filter System.

Enjoy true pool cleaning in as little as 2 hours, reaching areas other cleaners miss and cutting your total pool expenses as much as 50%, while protecting your family and friends with the healthiest swimming environment.

No sloppy hoses to fumble with in your shed or worse - in your pool, nor do you have to wait around for or worry about strangers in your backyard there to
"clean" your pool. Instead, simply drop in Aquabot Junior - the state-of-theart, cost-effective and performance-proven mobile filtration system robotic cleaner - kick back, relax and enjoy automatic true cleaning and savings of energy, chemicals, water and time. Here's how:

Self-contained with internal pump, drive and filtration system.

Systematic straight and revers arc-turn movements controlled by microprocessor and patented directional turning flotation enables Aquabot Junior to clean any pool surface or configuration.

Intelligent sensory technology enables thorough cleaning of floor and walls and everything in between, wasting time trying to "learn" your pool's shape and size, unknowingly cleaning the same area repeatedly or completely missing areas of your pool.

Reliably efficient, Aquabot Junior cleans pools in a fraction of time and reducing more than 50% of the wear and tear other cleaners incur, which translates into less operating hours saving you money and time, while providing you with greater reliability and lower maintenance.

Effective design based on more than 30 years of underwater robotic vacuum experience, Aquabot Junior's rotating scrubbing brushes loosen build-up and break down debris that are immediately vacuumed in through off-center vacuum ports, which enables access of dirt in corners and avoids clogging over piles of leaves.

Microfilters out dirt and debris, such as leaves, pine needles, acorns, burs, sand, silt, pollen and even algae and bacteria 10 times smaller than what most main pool filtration systems ensuring the healthiest swimming water for you, your family and your friends.

Saves you a fortune in total pool expenses. In fact, in a matter of months Aquabot Junior savings can pay for your total annual pool operation.

  • Saves you as much as 80% of water loss
  • Saves you up to 30% of chemical use
  • Saves you up to 70% on energy bills
  • Saves the environment from impact on natural resources

Join the revolution and enjoy true cleaning and savings. Knowing with confidence that every Aquabot is individually handcrafted and quality tested with pride in the USA by the largest, oldest and World's leading underwater robotics cleaning systems company that stands proudly behind its products and customers.

Aquabot JR Inground Pool Cleaner
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Aquabot JR Inground Pool Cleaner

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