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Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover Clips

Keeps your above ground pool cover in place! These handy fasteners are tough! They grip your top rail like a clothespin and hold your cover on tightly. Use two to three clips per top ledge. View the cover clip sizing chart below to determine the number of cover clips you will need for your swimming pool.


Item Description Sale Price  

NW135 Cover Clip (5-pack) $9 buy now

NW135-2 Cover Clip (10-pack) $12 buy now

NW135-4 Cover Clip (20-pack) $15 buy now

NW135-6 Cover Clip (30-pack) $19 buy now

Cover Clip Sizing Chart

Pool Size # of Cover Clips Needed
15' Round 36
18' Round 42
21' Round 48
24' Round 54
27' Round 60
12' x 24' Oval 66
15' x 30' Oval 72
18' x 33' Oval 78


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