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Walk-In Pool Step and Entry System Installation

Installing the Walk-In Step

The Walk-In Step is the safest and most durable pool step system around, with accessories that will accommodate any above-ground pool. Made from maintenance-free polyethylene, the walk-in step will fit any above-ground pool up to 54” in depth. Sun exposure and water make other steps slippery and dangerous for swimmers, but the walk-in step has big, slip-resistant steps and double handrails for safe and easy exit by swimmers of all ages. Installation is easy with the comprehensive installation manual.

Getting Started
You will need just a few tools and supplies in order to build and install the walk-in step:

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Rubber mallet or hammer w/piece of wood

  • Pliers

  • Liquid soap or lubricant

  • Sand (approximately 40 lbs for each walk-in step built)

  • Funnel

Once you have these items ready, read through and familiarize yourself with the instructions. Now you're ready to build and install! Click the links below to view and save the instruction manuals:

Walk-In Step Installation

Walk-In Step With Ladder Installation

Walk-In Step Entry System Installation


Walk-In Step Installation Video


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