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Walk-In Pool Step and Entry System

Walk-In Step pool entry systems, available in four different configurations, fit any above-ground pool measuring 48" to 54" deep:

Walk-In Step

Walk-In Step

The step alone is great for above-ground pools with an attached deck. Included deck flanges secure your Walk-In Step in place for safe and easy entry & exit from your pool.


NE113 $219


Walk-In Step with Outside Ladder

Walk-In Step with Outside Ladder

This entry system is perfect for above-ground pools that do not have an attached deck. The outside ladder attaches to the Walk-In Step, and can swing up into a safety-lock position to prevent unwanted entry when the pool is not in use.
NE126 $319


Walk-In Step Entry System

Walk-In Step Entry System

This complete system provides complete safety and security for pools without an attached deck. The system includes two Walk-In Steps - one that goes in the pool and one to enter from outside the pool. The steps are connected by a super strong platform base that protects your toprail while making entry and exit a breeze. The Walk-In Step Entry System also has a lockable gate, padlock included, to secure your pool from unwanted pool entry and keep kids and pets safe.
NE138 $629.99


Walk-In Step Entry System

Walk-In Step with In-Pool Ladder

The Walk-In Step with In-Pool Ladder combines the ease of a step for the exterior with a space-saving ladder for inside the pool. With the added benefit of a lockable gate for pool security, this deluxe maintenance-free entry system gives you the benefits of a great entry system at an economical price. Made from non-corroding vinyl this 4-step entry system is easy on the legs and its gradual incline means almost anyone can now use the pool. The solid dual handrails and non-skid steps ensure trouble-free use by everyone. Designed to fit 48 to 54 inch deep, round or oval pools. The weight of the gate causes it to close if left open.

NE132 $499


2' x 3' Step Pad for Walk-In Step Systems

NA401 $29


Walk-In Step Weight System

Walk-In Step Weight System - Pair

No more lifting a heavy Walk-In Step out of the pool and risking injury. Add this pair of weights to your in-pool Walk-In Step to weigh it down instead of filling the Walk-In Step with sand. Simply fill this set of 2 weights with sand and attach to both sides of your Walk-In Step. For the winter, simply remove the weights in order to get the Walk-In Step out of your pool. Easy to assemble and install.

NE1129 $39


  • Walk-In Step components are made of corrosion-proof polyethylene for years and years of use.

  • High-impact resin construction means the Walk-In Step is super strong, and can easily support a person weighing up to 350 lbs.

  • A gradual incline, dual handrails, and slip-resistant steps allow trouble-free exit by young and elderly swimmers alike.

  • Walk-In Step is designed to meet or exceed all NSPI/APSP standards for safety and swimmer entrapment (Learn more at Why Use the Walk-In Step).

  • Walk-In Step surfaces are perforated to allow water and chemical circulation, and eliminate any dead water areas where algae can grow.

  • Walk-In Step top flanges anchor securely to any deck for a firm footing, and a patented design allows easy removal of the ballast weight for off-season winterization.

  • Walk-In Step is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty


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