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Flexible PVC Pipe

Flexible PVC pipe has multiple uses. Spas, pools, ponds and sprinklers - it costs a little more, but saves on time and reduces the number of fittings you will need throughout the pipe. Reduces the possibility of leaks due to faulty gluing at joints/fittings. Available in 1-1/2" or 2" pipe.

Feature & Benefits

  • Simplifies plumbing layouts and installations
  • Easily gets into hard-to-get-at spots
  • Replaces rigid pipe for plumbing pool, spa or hot tub installations
  • Conforms to many contours
  • Less heat loss compared to copper and steel piping

PEC-56-4119 Flexible PVC 1-1/2" - 50' Length $89.99

PEC-56-4120 Flexible PVC 2" - 50' Length $109.99

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