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Hayward Color Logic 4.0 & Universal Color Logic

example1The Hayward Color Logic LED Light can be added to a pool kit and includes niche. Forget about lighting, as you know it. Now there's Color Logic LED lighting from Hayward, the global leader in LED technology for the pool industry. Color Logic's patented Chromacore® technology combined with a microprocessor and the brightest and longest performing LEDs in the industry to deliver high intensity and an unmatched selection of 5 set colors with programs that combine into over 1500 colors.

In addition to using revolutionary Chromacore technology to control color, intensity and duration, ColorLogic offers many features you will not find in any other light. Ease of operation has been designed into the microprocessor to offer unmatched simplicity when cycling through the 12 programs with either a single switch or Goldline Aqua Plus wireless controls. And with no color wheel or other moving parts, Color Logic provides noise-free operation. Color Logic is the most energy efficient colored-lighting option on the market. (Large swimming pool kits require two pool lights)

SP0527LED50 Hayward Color Logic 4.0 LED 50-Foot Cord 120V
$695 includes niche when added to inground pool kit

SP0527LED100 Hayward Color Logic 4.0 LED 100-Foot Cord 120V
$749 includes niche when added to inground pool kit

LPCUS11050 Hayward Universal Color Logic LED 50-Foot Cord 12V
$695 includes niche when added to inground pool kit
$795 includes niche & transformer when added to inground pool kit

SP607 Hayward Niche & Faceplate $109

PX100 12 Volt Transformer 100 Watt $99

  Light Panel Only (when added to pool kit) - $50
Panel & Niche Only (when added to pool kit) - $150

*12V Transformer required for 12V models

See What ColorLogic Is About!

Nothing brings out the natural beauty and shimmer of water better than color and light. Whether you’re setting the mood for an intimate evening, or creating a dazzling aquatic backdrop for the season’s hottest party, ColorLogic 4.0 is your gateway to the ultimate backyard experience. You and your guests will be amazed at the breadth of dynamic, choreographed displays that bring your pool and spa to life.

To see the ColorLogic in action, please watch the video below.



The ColorLogic 4.0 system was designed and built using patented Chromacore technology in conjunction with state-of-the-art LED lights. LED bulbs have numerous advantages over traditional incandescent lighting, starting with a life span nearly 20 times longer. LEDs use far less electricity than standard pool lights-saving up to 79% on energy costs. Plus, LEDs contain no filament, so theyre far more impact resistant. There are no bulbs to change, no color wheels, and no moving parts.

Light Shows

The Color Logic 4.0 comes loaded with 7 light shows to fit any mood you're in!


Voodoo Lounge




Mardi Gras

Cool Cabaret


Easy to Program

The Hayward Color Logic light is operated through power-cycling: a method of changing modes which requires no special controller or interface. To activate the light, simply turn on the switch. To deactivate the light, turn off the switch. To advance to the next program, turn the switch off, then back on within 10 seconds. Whenever the light has been off for over 60 seconds, and is first turned on, it will come on to white for 15 seconds for quick clear view of your pool, then go to the last fixed color or color show it was running.

Click Here for ColorLogic Programming Guide using AquaPlus or ProLogic

ColorLogic Installation Guide


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