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Heavy Duty Tan Dual Water Bags

These extra heavy duty tan double water bags match our Armor Kote Pool Cover and will not roll. Quality Halkey Roberts® no-leak valves are easily filled with a garden hose. Put water tubes around the edge of the swimming pool on top of the winter pool cover. The maximum distance between each tube should be 1 foot. Additional tubes can be used for excessive windy areas.  Place tube on the cover before filling with water. Fill each tube 3/4 full to allow for freeze expansion. To avoid leakage do not drag filled tub across concrete deck or pick up filled tube. You can have up to 1' space between each tube. Additional tubes may be needed for windy areas.

NW1275 8-ft. Double Tan Water Tube (each) $7.99 buynow

NW1275A 8-ft. Double Tan Water Tube (5-pk.) $29.99 buynow

NW1275B 8-ft. Double Tan Water Tube (10-pk.) $59.99 buynow

NW1275C 8-ft. Double Tan Water Tube (15-pk.) $89.99 buynow

Water Tube Sizing Chart

Pool Size Cover Size 8' Tubes Needed

14 x 28 19 x 33 12

16 x 32 21 x 37 14

18 x 36 23 x 41 16

20 x 40 25 x 45 18

25 x 45 30 x 50 20

30 x 60 35 x 65 22



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