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Natural Chemistry PHOSfloc 4lbs
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PHOSfloc is a high-grade, iron-free floc that dissolves instantly in water. Used as directed, it reduces high phosphate levels in a pool to well under 1,000ppb. Then you can reduce phosphates to near zero levels using Natural Chemistry's PHOSfree.

  • Reduces phosphate levels over 2500 ppb to more manageable levels
  • Non-toxic and will not harm the environment
  • Must be vacuumed to waste

Tips & Info

  • IMPORTANT: The proper amount of PHOSfloc must be used as per gallons of water. 4lbs per 10,000 gallons (eg: 20,000 gallon pool will require 2- 4lbs buckets of PHOSfloc)
  • IMPORTANT: Only use PHOSfloc if you have a vacuum to waste option (use Commercial PHOSfree if you cannot vacuum to waste)
  • IMPORTANT: Before using PHOSfloc you need to adjust your pH to 7.2.
  • If PHOSfloc does not floc properly, adjust your pH to 6.8 and allow another 12 hours to settle
  • Test phosphate level and repeat if necessary or if phosphates are under a more manageable level, treat with PHOSfree to reduce phosphates to under 100ppb
  • Maintain low phosphate levels once phosphates are below 100ppb with a weekly dose of Pool Perfect & PHOSfree
  • No swimming until vacuumed out 
Natural Chemistry PHOSfloc 4lbs
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4 LB container 


Adjust pool water pH to 7.2 before adding PHOSfloc. Add 4 pounds (one container) PHOSfloc to a large bucket of water and mix. (Depending on size of pool and phosphate level, repeat as necessary) If pool has a recirculation (filter bypass) setting, add PHOsfloc/water mixture slowly to skimmer and allow water to circulate for 1-2 hours. Must not run through the filter. Turn system off and allow Phosfloc to settle, this may take up to 12 hours. Vacuum sediment to waste (not through the filter). Or If no recirculation (filter bypass) setting is available, add 4 pounds of PHOSfloc to a large bucket of water and mix. When filter system is off, broadcast this mixture over the water while walking around the pool. Allow PHOsfloc to settle, this may take up to 12 hours. Vacuum sediment to waste (Not through the filter).
Important! It is necessary to further reduce phosphate level to near zero by using PHOSfree.
Continue to maintain near zero phosphate levels all season long with Pool Perfect+PHOSfree for easy weekly maintenance. Monitor phosphate levels and keep between 0 - 100ppb. Normal sanitizer levels will prevent algae growth…guaranteed!

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Natural Chemistry PHOSfloc 4lbs

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