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Pool Building Supplies

Below are some of the main pool constructions supplies that we offer. These supplies are used during new construction. For more construction information please see the resources links on the side.

Wall Foam Pool Base Materials Pool Salt
Wall Foam

Wall foam is for the walls of both inground and above ground pools. It provides a cushion between the panel and the liner, saving it from any unnecessary tears or punctures.

Pool Base materials include pre-mixed Pool Crete for consistent pool base and Vermiculite for custom mixing.

Pool salt is better for salt water pools than generic household salt or anything similar.


White Goods Sacrificial Anodes Plumbing Supplies
White goods for pools typically refer to Skimmers, Returns, Main Drains, and other pool fittings. Although referred to as "white" goods, there are sometimes other colors available.
sacrificial anode is a metal used to protect critical metal components in a salt system swimming pool.

Plumbing supplies range from flexible PVC pipe to 2-way and 3-way valves.


HydroBlox Drainage System Deck Joints Deck Forms
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HydroBlox planks are installed in a wet area and continued on to a dry area. The water moves from plank to plank by water pressure.

Deck Joints or Expansion Joints are used to minimize the risk of concrete from cracking due to expansion or contraction of the ground underneath.

Don't settle for standard aluminum bullnose coping! Deck Forms allow you to pour a concrete deck for your pool and finish the edge in concrete.

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Deck Drains Coping Bricks Pool Leveling System
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Deck Drains are used when pouring a deck around your pool. These allow water to drain into these deck drains and away from your pool instead of into it.

Our bullnose bricks offer distinctive design flexibility and add enduring beauty and durability in any application.

The pool leveling system allows for quick, easy, and precise leveling of a inground pool. It is a simple system and completely eliminates the need for wood shims.

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