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Primo Grills and Smokers FAQ

How do I light lump charcoal in my Primo?

    • We recommend using Primo brand Quick Lights. They’re easy to use and will have your Primo ready to cook in just a few minutes. You should never use lighter fluid or other flammable liquids with your Primo Grill and Smoker.

Is my Primo safe to use during inclimate weather?

    • Absolutely! As long as it is safe to be outdoors you can use your Primo Grill and Smoker. The ceramic is not affected by cold weather or rain although we do recommend using an official Primo Grill and Smoker Cover to protect your Primo Grill when its not in use.

Do I cook with the lid up or down?

    • Primo Grills and Smokers are designed to cook with the lid down unless adding, removing or turning your food. Cooking with the lid down will ensure you hold in all the heat and moisture to produce the best tasting food.

My thermometer does not read zero, should I be worried?

    • No. Most likely your thermometer is reading the ambient air temperature inside your Primo. If you continue to question its accuracy, use a grilling thermometer like the Primo Digital Thermometer to confirm its accuracy the next time you grill.

Do I need the ceramic feet that came with my Primo?

    • Possibly. If you are setting your Primo on any combustible material you must use the ceramic feet to keep the material from eventually scorching the material or possibly in a rare occurrence catching fire.

Will the exterior of my Primo get hot during use?

    • Yes. The exterior shell will become hot to the touch when cooking on your Primo. But unlike conventional metal gas and charcoal grills which become dangerously hot to the touch, your skin will not stick to the glazed exterior of the Primo.

What kind of charcoal should I use in my Primo?

    • We recommend using Primo brand Natural Lump Charcoal for best results. Other natural lump charcoals are also fine to use in your Primo.

Can I use my Primo Grill and Smoker indoors?

    • No. All Primos are for outdoor use only.

My Primo is now 8 years old and has tiny spider web looking cracks on the exterior glaze. Should I be concerned?

    • No. This is a natural occurance in glazed ceramic. The official name for this is “crazing”.

What is the warranty on my Primo?

    • The warranty for Primo Grills covers the ceramic portion of your grill for 20 years and metal parts for 5 years. Please refer to your owners manual for full details.

Are replacement parts available for my Primo?

    • Absolutely! All of the components that make up your Primo Grill and Smoker are replaceable should the need arise.


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