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Swimming Pool Sacrificial Anode

Salt Systems Cause Corrosion...With a Sacrificial Anode You Can Keep Your Pool Safe

Salt Systems are the most popular addition to any swimming pool whether it is in ground or above ground. The addition of salt to the pool water creates a more corrosive environment for metals in the pool. There are many variables that cause corrosion of metals in pools so keeping proper water balance is essential. Unfortunately, even if your water is properly balanced, corrosion may occur but there are steps you can take to prevent damage.

A sacrificial anode is a metal used to protect critical metal components in a salt system swimming pool. The sacrificial anode is connected electrically to the metal to be protected. In a salt system pool, for example, a pool heater core will normally tend to corrode as a result of being in contact with the pool water. If this heater core is connected to a properly designed sacrificial anode, the anode will tend to corrode and transfer electrons to the heater core. At the interface between the pool water and heater core these electrons will create a chemical reaction that protects the heater core. The electrons react at the surface of the heater core with elements in the water. At the expense of the sacrificial anode, the heater core would be protected.

Utility Anode

The Utility Anode can be used to prevent corrosion. It can be placed in the skimmer as a weight to assist in holding your skimmer basket down. To use as a utility anode, simply connect the anode to the metal component you wish to protect. The anode must be submerged in pool water to function properly.



In-Line Anode

The In-Line Anode can be used with 1 1/2" and 2" piping and mounts directly to metal filter or heater core. It has clear PVC construction for easy anode inspection. Also features a weatherproof installation sticker that allows the user to monitor service.





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