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Skimmer Face Plug for Inground Pools

Keep skimmer dry all winter long without draining your pool!

No need to replace the faceplate – simply press the plug in to close off the skimmer. Simple, yet revolutionary method for servicing and winterizing inground pool skimmers. Exclusive Rovaseal™ thermo-insulated material creates the ultimate air-tight seal. Rovaseal™ high density foam offers the most advanced thermo-elastic water barrier available that remains chemical, temperature, and UV resistant, ensuring a water-tight seal. Rigid outer plate provides a durable, secure layer of protection.

No tools required. Preparing your skimmer for winter or servicing has never been easier. Simply pull the plug off to re-open. Reusable year after year.

• Saves time and money – no more draining pool water or replacing faceplate
• Easy to install
• 100% Air-tight seal with Rovaseal™ technology
• Freeze and shatter-proof closed cell skimmer plug
• Impervious to mold, mildew, bacteria and superior chemical & oil resistance

Skimmer Type Fitment Sale Price

IGSDH Skimmer Plug - Standard IG Fits Hayward SP1084 $17.99 buy now

IGWMH Skimmer Plug - Widemouth IG Fits Hayward SP1085 $28.99 buy now




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