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Hayward TriStar Energy Efficient, High-Performance Pump

example1Superior performance, energy efficiency and value are the qualities that you can depend with TriStar. Its advanced design delivers superior flow, energy efficiency and reduced maintenance creating a new benchmark in residential pool pumps. The TriStar pump’s advanced hydraulic design optimizes the three essential pump elements to deliver superior flow, impressive energy efficiency and value. The heavy-duty pump and motor run cooler for years of dependability. Featuring a tri-lock cam and ramp strainer cover that closes with less than a quarter turn, TriStar also sports a super-sized, smooth, no-rib basket with extra leaf-holding capacity that’s a snap to clean. Its extra large leaf holding capacity extends the time between cleanings, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your pool. It also features a dynamic airflow for a quieter, cooler operation and it seamlessly retrofits to almost any existing filtration system. With a variety of bases available, TriStar seamlessly retrofits to existing filtration systems. TriStar is available in Single Speed and Dual Speed models ranging from 1/2 to 5 hp

*These TriStar pumps are full rated pumps

Single Speed Models

SP3205EE 1/2 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) $474.99

SP3207EE 3/4 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) $499.99

SP3210EE 1 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) $554.99

SP3215EE 1-1/2 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) $609.99

SP3220EE 2 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) $719.99

SP3230EE 3 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) $874.99

SP3250EE 5 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) $1419.99

Dual Speed Models

SP32102EE 1 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) 2 speed $699.99

SP32152EE 1-1/2 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) 2 speed $719.99

SP32202EE 2 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) 2 speed $839.99

Max-Rated Models (Less Powerful than Full-Rated)

SP3207X10 1 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) Max-Rated $499.99

SP3210X15 1-1/2 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) Max-Rated $519.99

SP3215X20 2 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) Max-Rated $539.99

SP3210X152 1-1/2 hp (2 - 2-1/2" connections) 2 speed Max-Rated $619.99



  • Save up to 70% on your energy costs with the combination of an advanced hydraulic design and proven two-speed technology
  • Higher flow rates can allow for stepping down in pump horsepower for even lower cost and energy consumption
  • Heavy-duty motor with dynamic airflow designed for greater dependability and longer life
  • 2" x 2 ½" CPVC union connections make installation and servicing fast and easy
  • No-rib basket design insures easy debris removal.
    Extra-leaf-holding-capacity basket extends time between cleanings
  • Tri-Lock cam and ramp strainer cover design seals with less than a quarter turn
  • Crystal clear strainer cover lets you see when the basket needs cleaning
  • Pressure testable to 50 psi maximum
  • Second base included to align TriStar with other models for easy retrofit installations
  • Self-priming (suction lift up to 10' above water level)

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