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What Do I Do Now That My Pool is Closed

Now that your pool is closed for the winter here is a list of do’s and don’ts that will help make spring opening quick and easy. Do pump excessive water off the winter cover. Excessive water on the cover can cause damage to the cover or can cause the cover to fall into the pool. […]

What is a Swim Spa? What are the different kinds of Swim Spas?

      A Swim Spa is like a pool and spa combined into one machine that allows you to swim in place against water current. Swim spas are the best swimming exercise work out with the least amount of space needed which is great for the people that have a zero lot line or […]

A few tips for a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

  Royal Swimming Pools  would like to take this time to wish you and your family a “Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!”  During the holidays while families gather together we want to give  everyona few tips on deep frying a turkey.   Turkey fryers should always be used outdoors a safe distance from buildings and other […]

Swimming & Water Aerobics Great Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

Swimming is an excellent activity for any fitness level, from beginner to pro athlete. Swimming offers a change to your workout or rehab. Swimming is a very healthy, fun and challenging form of exercise and also is a very low impact aerobic exercise. Swimming is used in pro sports all the time for rehab. Regardless […]

New Accessories for your Hot Tub Spa

We are now offering a few new accessories for your hot tub spa. For instance we are now offering special order spa covers, umbrellas, steps, cover lifts and a spa bar and stools. Our special order cover is offered in a standard 4″ to 2″ taper that will give excellent insulation in all parts of […]

Different Kinds of Spas To Choose From.

There are several different types of spas, and we are sure that we have the right spa for you.  Royal Swimming Pools offer spillover spas, hot tub spas, swim spas and now we are offering an inflatable portable spa.   Spillover spas are used with your inground swimming pool. You can add one to an […]

Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Spa Replacement Cartridges Filter Element Tips

How do I clean my cartridge Filter Element?   The way that a cartridge filter works is that the water flows into filter elements that have a fine mesh material. The fine mesh material strains out the impurities in your pool or spa water. Cartridge cleaning is easy because all you have to do is […]

PVC Plumbing Pressure Testing

If your pool is losing water and you have checked and eliminated all 4 possible causes in our previous article, the leak could be in the PVC plumbing. 1. Construct a pressure testing tool as shown in the diagram and connect it to the pool PVC lines. 2. You can test the entire system at once […]

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