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March, 2009:

BBB Rating – Does it Help?

Does a good Better Business Bureau rating matter to you as a consumer? Do you check a company’s BBB rating before you purchase a product or service. Have you ever had a bad experience and later wish you had checked? I think any large company is eventually going to have a customer with a complaint. […]

Hot Tub Spas and Diabetes

If you are diabetic, you know that the doctor recommends that you do not take long, hot showers or baths. A Hot Tub or Spa is very therapeutic, but you don’t want to cause additional problems while trying to relieve sore muscles or pain. To get the therapeutic benefits from a Hot Tub or Spa, […]

Water Aerobics

Swim Spas are great to use for exercise and relaxation. But many of you are exercising in your above ground and inground pools. Do you have a routine that you would like to share? What is your favorite aerobic exercise performed in the water? Do you have an above ground or an inground pool? Do […]

Different Types of Pool Filters

Every pool must have some sort of filter to clean the water in the pool. There are three different types of filters: Sand, DE (diatomaceous earth), and Cartridge. The sand filter and the DE are basically the same but have different material to clean the water. The sand filter uses “pool filter media sand” or […]

Some Ways to Prevent Holes In Your Liner

Here are some ways to keep from getting holes in your liner. One of the more obvious things is to make sure no rocks, bottles, chairs, or anything that could end up cutting the liner are thrown in. Another thing to keep in mind is your maintenance equipment. If the metal on your brush, net, […]