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April, 2009:

When it is Good to Have a Green Pool

Green is the buzz word now. Everyone is going green, including Mickey Mouse. Just stroll through the Disney Store and take a look around. He is there and he is colored green. There are a few things that you can do to make your pool an eco-friendly green pool.  Tip #1  There are high efficiency pumps […]

Eco Friendly Ways to Heat Your Pool

  Solar Blankets – Solar covers are inexpensive and very efficiency. Solar blankets can raise temperature of your pool water by up to 10 F (6 C).For best result always use a solar cover or liquid solar blankets with any type of heater to reduce heat loss and save money on fuel and electricity cost. […]

Kart Racing Sponsorship

Royal Swimming Pools announces its continued sponsorship of the Fiveash Kart Racing Team’s go-cart. Although Darren has moved up in age bracket he has already won a race this season. 

Solar Panels For Swimming Pools

Since quite a few people are becoming more concerned about the economy and the environment,  there are many questions that are being asked about solar panels for swimming pools. For instance do they work? Surprisingly enough they do. Solar panels can raise the water temperature at least 10 degrees, we do recommend the use of […]

Vinyl Liners Mil vs. Gauge Thickness

Why do some vinyl liner manufacturers use mil and some use gauge to specify the thickness of their liners? A mil is a specific set measurement that can be measured with a micrometer. One mil is equal to an exact .001 of an inch. A 20 mil liner is .020 of an inch thick. A 28 mil […]

Should You Have a Pool Alarm?

There are some counties that require a pool alarm as well as alarms on your gates, windows and doors to be sure that someone doesn’t sneak in for a swim.Most local codes require that you have a fence around your pool or in the case of above ground pools, a ladder that is removable or […]

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Here are a few safety tips for swimming pool owners. We want everyone to have a safe but fun time while they enjoy their swimming pool. 1) Swimming Pool Safety cover – this will provide safety for friends, family, and pets when pool is not in use. 2) Supervision – always supervise your children when […]

Ways to Save Water in Swimming Pool

There are many ways to save water such as safety covers, chemicals, maintenance, and proper installation. Safety covers can reduce evaporation from 90% – 95%. There are two different types of safety covers: mesh and solid. A mesh cover will let rainwater run through to help replenish the lost water. A solid cover will let […]

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