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July, 2009:

New York Suction Entrapment Requirements Clarified

New York adopted the International Residential Code’s Appendix G regarding swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. It was unclear at first if it applied to portable hot tub spas. Under the new classification, portable hot tub spa installations are not required to comply with the suction entrapment law. If you have any questions about your […]

Why Does My Pool Keep Turning Green?

Recurring algae can be a problem this time of the year. There can be several contributing factors, heat, rain, letting chemicals get out of balance, and even transfer form one pool to another. Recurring algae is usually Mustard Algae. It is a yellowish green color that usually starts growing on the pool walls and on the pool floor.  […]

Control Your Pool With The iPhone and iPod Touch

Wow! You can now control your swimming pool with the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The Pentair IntelliTouch system used with the new ScreenLogic app gives you access through an iPhone or iPod touch. Controlling pool and spa operations couldn’t be easier or more fun. Once the software is installed, you can control all of […]

Arctic Armor Winter Pool Covers is proud to announce the addition of Arctic Armor winter covers. Arctic Armor offers above ground and inground swimming pool covers. All above ground covers have a 4-foot overlap that provides a better fit, especially on pools with large top rails. Inground covers have a 5-foot overlap. We offer 3 levels of Standard winter […]

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