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January, 2010:

Should I Use Padding and Foam Cove Under My Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner?

Yes, because Gorilla Pad provides the liner protection from stones, roots or other debris that could damage and cause a leak. Gorilla Pad, Happy Bottom and Foam Pad also gives the Above Ground Pool Liner some extra cushioning, lessens the occurrence of foot prints in the sand under the pad and also can lengthen the […]

Finding Qualified Swimming Pool Help

When looking for qualified swimming pool help, whether it be for building your swimming pool or for swimming pool maintenance we have a few suggestions.  We advise not rushing to choose a pool builder or maintenance company, if you know someone who has a swimming pool already, ask them about the companies they have used. […]

Tips for selling your home when you have a pool or a spa

I have asked real estate agents that I have met in the past about the value of a pool with a house. I generally get the same answer. You will not get all your money back on a pool. But recently I have been watching a show on HGTV called Bang for your Buck. This […]

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

First complete the steps for your pool kit assembly up to the liner installation step. You may need to install some of the top rails for stability of the pool wall, especially on a windy day. Next use the plastic coping strips to hold the overlap liner in place. The JBD liner has the plastic coping […]

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