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March, 2010:

Our Lazy-L Swimming Pool

These are my hypothetical plans for adding a swimming pool in my backyard. However, because of power lines going across my entire yard, I cannot put in a pool at this house. The drawing I have provided is not to scale and would need to be adjusted so the pool placement meets all Code rules. […]

What is cantilever coping for inground swimming pools?

Cantilever coping comes two ways   Option 1: Cantilever for bricks or stones                   Option 2: Cantilever with foam forms for concrete   With both options you can just install over the pool or pool and step. If you choice to install over the pool and step […]


TOP 10 REASONS TO GET A POOL   10.  Simple Maintenance – When you take care of your pool on a regular basis, like taking care of your lawn, pool maintenance is quick and easy.     9.  More Desirable – Adding a swimming pool to you yard will increase the number of interested buyers when […]

Mighty Sun Above Ground Pools

Two new above ground pool kits have been added to our website. They are both Mighty Sun Pools. The first above ground swimming pool kit is the Belize, it is available in 48″ or 52″ walls. It has 6″ top seats and offers a 25 year warranty. The Belize is available in 8 different pool sizes. The second above ground […]

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