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November, 2010:

Can you Use Anti-Freeze in your Swimming Pool Plumbing Lines?

There is a special non-toxic anti-freeze made specifically for swimming pools. It is made especially for the protection of your plumbing lines for your swimming pool , it helps protect the lines from freezing. Usually swimming pool owners in the northern states that have freezing temperatures will want to do this. This can help avoid costly repairs. Swimming pool […]

Infrared Heaters for HeatWave Saunas Ceramic vs. Carbon

Both Ceramic heaters and Carbon heaters have there pro’s and con’s. Ceramic cost less, can be used for spot treatment because the heat is concentrated close to heaters, and the ceramic heats up quickly with the most intense heat closer to the heaters.   Carbon heaters evenly distribute heat throughout the HeatWave sauna, carbon heaters […]

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a bacteria film that can grow in a spa, skimmer basket, or even a filter. This bacteria likes areas that are warm and damp. Biofilms can become resistant to chlorine and bromine. Your spa water quality will decline, you may notice your water starts to turn cloudy and will be foaming, it may also […]

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