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April, 2011:

Salt Systems

Some of the advantages of adding a salt system to your swimming pool are: 1) No more itchy skin 2) No more burning eyes 3) Doesn’t bleach out your swim suits and other items 4) No more harsh chlorine smell 5) No more buying large quantities of expensive chlorine. 6) You don’t have to worry about […]

How to setup and operate DE filters

Precoating – Add the correct amount DE powder thought the skimmer as per your instructions on the filter or in the filter’s manual.   Precoating pressure – The pressure after the powder has been added   Filtering – Filtration starts once the filter has been precoated. Filter removes dirt form the pool water. As a […]

Acrylic Swimming Pool Step Cracks

Overtime acrylic / fiberglass swimming pool steps can get small hairline cracks in the step’s coating. This doesn’t cause leaking however overtime the pool water can breakdown the resin or fiberglass which can cause problems if not fixed. Check your local hardware or boat stores for fiberglass gel repair kits and paints.        […]

How to backwash a swimmimg pool sand filter

  Turn pool pump off Turn multiport valve to backwash Make sure to open backwash gate valve if you have one Turn pump back on and run it for approximately 2 minutes or until sight glass is clear Turn pool pump off. Turn multiport to rinse Turn pump on and run about 1/2 to 1 […]

How a Swimming Pool Skimmer Works

A swimming pool skimmer is designed to pull water into the system from the pool’s surface with a skimming action, pulling in floating objects like leaves and dirt before they sink to the pool’s bottom.  Skimmers also are used to vacuum the pool with a manual vacuum or suction side automatic pool cleaner. Pools over […]

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