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November, 2011:

Aquatic Exercise

    A swimming pool is just about everyone’s favorite way to relax, but did you know it’s also a great place for fitness. Aquatic exercise, in many doctors opinion, is the best place that a person can do their daily workout. Not only do you burn calories faster, but its also easier on the body. The […]

Some Great Christmas Gift Ideas!

Royal Swimming Pools wants the family fun time to continue after swimming season is over. In the summer time families spend a great deal of time together relaxing and playing in their swimming pool. We want families to continue doing things together even in the winter. Our company has a wide variety of  indoor games and game tables […]

I Need a New Safety Cover But Don’t Want to Drill New Holes, What can I Do?

Royal Swimming Pools offers a service where you can ship your existing safety cover to the manufacturer. There is a $95.00 template fee charged, however they will use your old safety cover as a template for the new safety cover. You will still receive all new hardware for your safety cover also. We would just […]

Damages That Can Occur to Swimming Pools and Their Equipment When Not Winterized Properly

Most swimming pool owners have their pools winterized by now or are in the process of winterizing. I wanted to go over a few costly damages that can occur if your pool is not winterized properly. If water gets in your skimmer and return lines and it freezes your skimmer and returns can crack, and […]

Happy Thanksgiving Day !

There are quite a few traditional things to do on Thanksgiving Day. Some people watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I personally always watch the Dallas Cowboy Football game. My family always watched football while I was growing up. Many people travel during the holiday season since families are so spread out, the past few […]

Here Are Some General Safety Tips Regarding Swimming Pool Chemicals

Royal Swimming Pools would like to go over a few safety tips regarding your swimming pool chemicals. 1] ALWAYS KEEP CHEMICALS OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN AND ANIMALS! 2] Wash hands thoroughly after handling any chemicals. 3] Never handle chemicals while smoking or near any flammable source 4] Use the chemicals exactly as stated by the directions […]

Changing Filter Media

Filter manufacturer’s recommend changing your filter sand or synthetic media every 5 years. While it will still do it’s job much longer than that, it will not be as efficient. When filter sand is new it is extremely rough. Over time the sand is smoothed out allowing dirt to pass much deeper into the filter.  […]

Some Questions I Am Frequently Asked When Someone is Purchasing an Inground Swimming Pool Kit

Here are some very commonly asked questions when someone is considering buying an inground swimming pool kit. Q.]Should I get a steel pool kit or a polymer pool kit? A.]In most parts of the United States it doesn’t matter, however if you live in an area that has very rocky ground or a high clay […]

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