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January, 2012:

What are Some of the Things That Can Cause Cloudy Pool or Spa Water?

There are several things that can be causing your swimming pool or spa water to appear cloudy. Rain, pollen and leaves are one, however the more people you have swimming  in your pool or relaxing in your spa increases your chances of cloudy water. Suntan oils or lotions, deodorants, makeup, small children urinating in the water, and […]

Chlorine Myths

Chlorine is a chemical that we use in our everyday lives a lot more than you may think. Not only does it keep our pools clean & healthy, we use it to clean our clothes, sanitize our dishes, & it’s even in our drinking water. Just like with most things these days, there are some […]

Commercial Pools are to be in Compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act  was made into law regarding swimming pools, wading pools and even spas. All new and existing swimming pools and spas that meet the criteria have to be in compliance by March 15, 2012.  It is very similar to the laws regarding public access to Public Accommodations.  Depending on how many […]

I have stains on my paver pool deck, how do I remove them?

     I recommend you try presser washing first, and then scrubbing with a firm brush and dish soap if needed. If the stains persist, check with a paver supply company that offers a cleaning solution that is safe to use on brick pavers. Do not use any type acid that is used for clay […]

Energy Efficient Pumps

Swimming pool energy efficiency has recently been taken to a new level within the industry. With the introduction of multi speed pumps, pool owners are experiencing significant savings on their utility bills. Energy efficient upgrades can save homeowners up to 30-40%  a year in energy cost.  Case studies show on a 17,000 gallon pool a […]

Troubleshooting Motor’s

Under normal conditions in today’s industry, a pool motor should last 5-10 years. If protected and properly maintained the later should be reached fairly easily. From time to time, problems do arise. We all know how expensive it is to call a service company and pay labor charges, so here is a few insider tips […]

Spa & Snow

Looking out the window to our backyard I can see two things; Snow and our Spa. I live in the South and down here, it doesn’t snow very often. So, I had the bright idea to heat up our spa and enjoy the snow from there! It took a few minutes to talk my husband […]

Fun Trivia Swimming Facts and Questions!

1]  The Titanic was the first ship to have a heated swimming pool. 2]  Who won 5 gold medals in the Olympic swimming competitions and then became one of the best known actors to play Tarzan?       a-Johnny Weissmuller 3]  What Olympic athlete won 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games?        a-Mark Spitz […]

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