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February, 2012:

New American Disabilities Compliance Law

Starting March 15, 2012, all public swimming pools in the U.S. must be equipped with assisted entry systems.   When this American Disability Association (ADA) compliance law takes effect, disabled Americans around the nation will be able to enjoy the health and leisure benefits of public pools. As part of the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design, […]

Should I purchase my swimming pool in the winter or wait?

I get asked this question all the time and I recommend that if you want the pool installed for the summer to start the process ASAP. Building the pool early in the season gives you time just in case you have any delays. The best part of purchasing an above ground or inground pool in […]

Does Your Pool or Spa Figure Into Your Valentine’s Day Plans?

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be one of the most romantic days of the year! With many people’s budgets being tight in todays economy, you can still have a heartfelt romantic evening without breaking the bank. Some people will incorporate the use of their swimming pool or hot tub spa in the spirit of romance. […]

Energy Efficiency & Your Pool

If your a regular reader of my blogs, then youve heard me mention “going green”.  Whether your getting prepared to install your pool or your searching for new products, Im sure you have seen the boom in products claiming “energy efficiency.” Im sure you have also noticed then the increase in price of these products […]

Mild Winter = Hot Summer?

It’s February and our winter has been surprisingly warm. In our southern state of Tennessee, our average temperature for the winter months is 49 degrees Fahrenheit for the High and 30 degrees Fahrenheit for the Low. So far this winter, we’ve had temperatures above average for our area ranging in the 60s degrees F for […]

The Importance of Ph in Your Pool

pH is one of the most important factors in pool water balance. It should be tested and corrected  at least once every week. pH is the measure of how acid/ alkaline the swimming pool water is. The pH of the human body is 7.2.  This may conclude why this number is also  perfect  for the […]

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