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April, 2012:

Hot Tubs in the Summer

You might think its crazy to get in a hot tub in the summer, after all, its already 95 degrees outside, why would you want to get in the hot tub?  Even at resorts in places like Hawaii and the Caribbean there are hot tubs everywhere.  And no matter how hot it is you will […]

Summerizing Your Pool

After a long winter, its nearly that time of year again! It’s time to open the pool. If you followed the proper procedure for winterizing & you have kept up with winter maintenance, you should have a smooth opening. Before you get started there are a couple of preliminary steps that need to be taken. […]

Hayward Rebate

Hayward is a well known name in the pool business.  They manufacture a variety of products ranging from salt systems to pumps and filters to automatic pool cleaners.  They produce quality products with great warranties and offer exceptional customer service.  For the past several seasons, Hayward has offered rebates on many of their products.  This […]

Pool Covers and Solar Blankets in the Summer

In the Spring and Summer months you might not think you need a pool cover.  The truth of the matter is, a pool cover does much more than just cover your pool in the winter.  A pool cover can keep heat in your pool, leaves out of the pool, and save your chemicals in addition […]

Pump Timers

With a pump timer, you can take control of your pool’s operations and set them to run at certain times. With more advanced pump timers, you can even control the lights and sanitation with the use of remote controls or even your iPhone or computer.  There are two main types of pool timers and these […]

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