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Happy Holidays!

With the holiday season upon us, the time has come to shop for meaningful gifts, make travel plans, and prepare for food and friends. For many, this time of year is greatly looked forward to, as it brings people together to share memories and laughter. These are often shared at parties, workplace events, or more […]

Converting Decimals (Feet) to Inches

When choosing your inground liner, you will need to know how to convert Decimals(Feet) to Inches. In this blog I will explain how to convert a measurement that is in decimal (feet) to inches or even down to the eighth of an inch.  Don’t know what decimal (feet) is? Have you ever seen a measurement […]

Help! How Do I Measure the Corner Radius of My Pool?

Perhaps you are in the process of measuring your swimming pool, have come across the corners, and you’re not sure how to measure them.  Or perhaps you’re getting ready to measure your swimming pool and just want to research how to do it.  Either way, this short guide is about how to properly measure the […]

Thanksgiving Day Trivia for your Family!

Thanksgiving is a time when most families get together and celebrate what I believe is the beginning of the holiday season! It’s usually chilly out, a fire in the fireplace, and perhaps even some snowflakes outside. While everyone mingles about and learns about the many happenings in each other’s lives over the past few months, […]

Can a Coverstar Automatic Cover Motor be Used with a Cover-Pools System?

The answer is in fact, Yes, most automatic cover manufacturers such as Coverstar offer a conversion kit that will allow their motor and switch to be used with other brands’s mechanisms such as Cover-Pools. In the attached photo you will see an example of the motor mounting plate which is attached to the mechanism and […]

Do Freeform Steel Pools Need Bracing at Each Joint?

I have been asked this question many times over the years, as some online dealers offer freeform pools with bracing only on the reverse radius and not on the radius. This will reduce the cost of and average pool kit by a few hundred dollars, however as a leading dealer of inground swimming pools kits, […]

Warm Up and Stay Healthy this Winter!

Many parts of the country have experienced winter’s sting early on this year, with temperatures plummeting to record lows, deep freezes, and snowfall having already taken place in October and November. While the first official day of winter does not fall until December 21st, this onset of cooler weather often times includes the additional onset […]

Automatic swimming pool cover webbing

Automatic pool covers are one of the most innovative items in the swimming pool industry, however they are not new inventions. The first known auto cover dates back to 1959. Although that automatic cover was very primitive, technology has since taken over.  Every year we are seeing continuous improvements in the cover design, hardware, and […]

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