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July, 2013:

How to Install an Inground Pool Light and Niche

Inground Light & Niche Installation

These instructions are strictly for inground vinyl liner pools with steel or polymer walls. Before starting, here are some common things to be aware of: The hole the light niche is installed in goes toward the bottom of the wall, generally a few inches above the finished floor. The installation depth of smaller lights may […]

Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is without a doubt, the hottest time of the year.  But it can also be the most enjoyable…depending on how you spend it!  Whether you have a pool or not, there is always something to do to stay cool. 1. Swimming; is the first and most obvious choice.  Our DIY Pool Kits allow you to […]

How to Install An AquaLuminator Above Ground Pool Light

The aqualuminator pool light is designed to act as both a return jet and an underwater light for your above ground pool. It is designed to require no additional cutting or modification of your pool wall. The aqualuminator  comes with a standard 110 volt plug in but includes an inline transformer to lower the voltage […]

20mil vs. 27 28 30 mil Swimming Pool Liners? Which is better?

Over the years, the most common question customers ask is; which liner is better? A 20mil liner or a thicker liner such as a 27mil, 28mil, or 30mil? Over the years, I have spoken to many different liner manufacturers, pool builders, and retailers and most do not believe thickness is a factor in most cases. […]

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