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Mid Winter Swimming Pool Check Up

Just a few weeks ago you were winterizing your pool and closing it for the season. While you may have thought that you were done for the winter when you closed your pool, it is actually important to check your pool in the middle of the winter. You want to make sure that there are […]

How to Freeze Protect Your Pool This Winter

With the frigid temperatures many people have already experienced, it seems as if winter has come early this year! It is certainly time to begin preparing your pool for harsh winter weather. There are some important things you can do to protect your pool from freezing when the temperatures drop. Ice, snow, freezing temperatures, and […]

Winter Inflatables for The Snowy Season!

With the snow that has been spread throughout the USA early this winter season from the Arctic Blast, many people have been taking advantage of the winter inflatables that we offer. Children and adults love the family fun they offer, and many of them can be used in the summer time also. One of the […]

Royal Swimming Pools 2014 Layaway Program

Welcome to the Royal Swimming Pools 2014 Holiday Season Savings! For the first time ever, we are opening up our layaway program to EVERYTHING in the store.* Inground Pools, Above Ground Pools, Saunas, Game Tables, Pool Accessories, and more! We know that the holiday season can get hectic, so to make it easier, we are […]

Caring For Your Pool During the Non-Swimming Season

It’s about that time when pool owners are beginning to prepare their pools for the “off-season.” Whether you choose to close your pool or leave it operating year round, the change of season and temperature can create problems for your pool equipment. For this reason, it is important to follow these important tips to make […]

Winter Pool Safety

Pool safety is a popular topic during the summer months, as it should be. However, pool related accidents can happen any time of year, including the winter. It is important to prepare your pool for the winter by taking proper safety precautions. One of the best ways to protect your pool and those around it […]

Is it Better to Close Your Pool in the Winter or Leave it Open?

To close or not to close your pool…that is the question for many pool owners each year. With pros and cons for each, there is not a clear cut answer as to which is best. Rather, pool owners should become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages to each method in order to decide which is […]

Most Common Causes for Pool Pump Problems

Your pool’s pump is one of its most important components. It is designed to push the water through a filter, keeping your pool clean and free of algae and scum. Without the pump, your pool can quickly go from sparkling and refreshing to dirty and gross in no time. Unfortunately, the pump is also one […]

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