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January, 2014:

Bring the Heat! Inflatable Pools – Summer Fun for Kids!

“Arctic Blast,” “Polar Vortex,” or just plain “COLD!” However you choose to describe the bone-chilling conditions affecting most of the nation since early this month, we can certainly all agree on one thing: it is freezing! And freezing is an understatement for many portions of the country which are experiencing “high temperatures” in the negatives […]

Semi Inground Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

What is a semi inground pool? A semi inground pool is an above ground pool that can be put partially in the ground. They are sturdier than standard above ground pools so that they can withstand the pressure from backfill or dirt against the pool wall. Are the pools made from metal or aluminum? The […]

Happy New Year! Is Your New Year’s Resolution on This List?

Royal Swimming Pools hopes everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve. We know everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, so we made a list of some of the most common New Year’s resolutions we’ve heard! Let’s see if yours made the list. 01) Stop Smoking 02) Lose Weight 03) Exercise More 04) Stop Drinking […]

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