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February, 2014:

5 Ways to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean and Shimmering

Avoid the dreaded realization that your pool has been affected with algae or the chemical levels are all out whack with proper maintenance. Here are five ways to keep your pool clean all season long. 1. Use Prevention Products With a few products you can prevent problems from starting in the first place. Keep these […]

Furthering Our Knowledge in the Industry

Last Thursday, several of our staff members attended the annual APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) Conference for the Mid-South area. This conference is a great time for professionals in the industry to get together. Not only can we learn about new and existing products, we can also give and get advice about what […]

Exciting, WARM Indoor Activities!

The extreme cold this winter has everybody searching for ways to stay entertained. All outdoor activities have been suspended for, as many of us feel, too many freezing, snowy days! We’re trying hard to keep the cold out, and bring the fun indoors! So, while your pool season plans are probably on hold, read on […]

How to Beat the Algae Growing in Your Swimming Pool

Most general cleaning practices, including vacuuming and filtering, will keep your pool clean. However, sometimes an algae problem is inevitable. These tiny plants can enter your pool thanks to rain and wind and when they do, they take hold, requiring scrubbing and shocking to restore the water. Next time you look out your window to […]

Happy “Valentine’s Day Weekend” from Royal Swimming Pools!

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend, everyone! Valentine’s Day has become and continues to be a favorite holiday for people around the world who love…well, love! This holiday can mean so many different things to many different people. Whether you’re dating, engaged, single, newly wed, married for twenty years, or navigating through the complicated waters, here are […]

Pool Bottom Shapes and Terms Part 1

Considering a swimming pool this year but aren’t sure what the different pool bottom descriptions mean?  There are a few standard bottoms to choose from, here is a list of those common pool bottoms: Standard, Wedge, Sports, Play, Flat Bottom, and Coved Flat Bottom. First, the standard pool bottom is the most common type.  It […]

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