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April, 2016:

Pool Chemicals for Dummies, Part Two

If you read our article last month, Pool Chemicals For Dummies: Part One, than you now know how important it is to keep up with your pool maintenance—specifically, the pH levels that allows your pool to stay in perfect working order. Now, it’s time for us to dive a little deeper—and metaphorically speaking—into the ‘deep […]

Working Out Blues – How Swimming Can Be a Fun Workout

After years of swimming in public pools, you’ve finally gotten your own pool. Congratulations! So now that you have the pool, we have a very important question to ask you: are you maximizing it to its fullest potential? A swimming pool goes beyond just floating or getting your laps in. In fact, cancel your gym […]

Open Your Pool Now!

It’s Spring Time! It is also time to open your pool!  I know what you’re thinking… It’s not warm enough to go swimming yet.  It may not be warm enough for you to enjoy swimming just yet, but here are some good points to consider. Point One:  Some days it doesn’t seem like Mother Nature […]

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