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Advantages of Using A Pool Timer

Whether you want to make your pool maintenance routine easier, lower your energy bills, help the environment or all of the above, pool timers provide an excellent way to do just that.  By adding a timer, you can cut the length of time you run your pump with no adverse water effects. They can also help prevent scale and lime buildups in heaters. You will also extend the life of your auto cleaner by not running it 24 hours a day, and still keep your pool clean.

Most timers also come with freeze protection for those that prefer to leave the pool operating throughout the winter months. It has a dial that you set to the desired temperature and when it drops below, the timer will turn the pump on to prevent freezing. Having a timer is like having a mechanical service tech working for you all year long. In a world where we can no longer ignore protecting the environment, having a timer is one more way to do your part.

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