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Can you Use Anti-Freeze in your Swimming Pool Plumbing Lines?

There is a special non-toxic anti-freeze made specifically for swimming pools. It is made especially for the protection of your plumbing lines for your swimming pool , it helps protect the lines from freezing. Usually swimming pool owners in the northern states that have freezing temperatures will want to do this. This can help avoid costly repairs.

Swimming pool anti-freeze is non toxic so it is safe for swimmers and there should be no inteference with your routine chemical maintenance. When opening your pool for the spring, you should drain the anti-freeze from your pool equipment before use.

If you decide not to use anti-freeze  in your plumbing lines and fittings, make sure that you remove all water by using a shop vac to blow all the water out of your lines. We recommend that you then plug your skimmers and return lines, to keep any water from getting back in. Also make sure you completely winterize your heater also. If water remains in the lines or pool equipment, and your area experiences a hard freeze, your plumbing lines, filter, or other equipment can have cracks where the ice expanded when spring time comes.

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  1. Alton says:

    Where can I get non-toxic anti-freeze? I do not want to clean my pool too often because it is very inconvenient.

  2. Scott says:

    Swimming pool anti-freeze is available from most pool stores

  3. Debra Q says:

    Thank you for the explanation of using a non-toxic anti-freeze. I was confused when a friend mentioned it to me, but now I feel better informed. Thanks again!

  4. Neeraj says:

    Very Nice article. I was really searching this what you wrote about. Thanks for share good information on web.

  5. Pools says:

    Very good advice. Please post more blogs related to pool safety and maintenance as these are very helpful to pool owners. Thank you.

  6. RchNrg says:

    re: your statement to “drain anti freeze from your pool equipment “when you open your pool in the spring? If anti freeze is only placed in the plumbing lines at winter closing, how would anti freeze get into your “pool equipment”? maybe my question should be whether it is necessary to remove the anti freeze from your plumbing lines in the spring before start up, and if it is necessary, how do you accomplish doing that ? Must you blow out each line where antifreeze was placed using the same method you used at closing to blow water out each line ? OR do you just reconnect your pump etc causing the antifreeze to be pumped into your pool water???

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