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Different Types of Pool Filters

Your pool’s water will be pumped to your filter where undissolved debris will be removed by one of three primary ways; based on the different materials that are used to filter your water: Sand Cartridge DE (Diatomaceous Earth) SAND FILTERS Sand filters are the most popular pool filters that our customers choose! They have the […]

What Could Go Wrong? Mistakes That Destroy Pool Equipment

Investing in a pool is just that—an investment. So why risk making some of the classic mistakes so many others do when it comes to caring for your pool equipment? Read on to learn what the common mistakes in fact are, and how to ensure you don’t end up costing yourself high priced mistakes down the line.

5 Ways to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean and Shimmering

Avoid the dreaded realization that your pool has been affected with algae or the chemical levels are all out whack with proper maintenance. Here are five ways to keep your pool clean all season long. 1. Use Prevention Products With a few products you can prevent problems from starting in the first place. Keep these […]

Are Main Drains and Skimmers Required for In-Ground Pools?

Main drains and skimmers are used to help filter the water in your swimming pool. The two main drains, if you have them, should be located in the deepest section of your swimming pool about three feet apart. Skimmers are located on the swimming pool wall, if you have a prevailing wind in your area, […]

Enzymes and Your Swimming Pool

Royal Swimming Pools would like to tell swimming pool and spa owners a little information about enzymes and how they can help keep your swimming pool water in excellent condition over the winter months. According to the dictionary, Enzymes are protein molecules that help other organic molecules enter into chemical reactions with one another but […]

How To Find Replacement Parts and Diagrams For Your Sandfilter or Pool Pump.

Whether you have an aboveground or inground swimming pool, many pool owners have a sandfilter and all pool owners will have a swimming pool pump. Over time you may need to replace parts on your sandfilter or your swimming pool pump. Royal Swimming Pools has the replacement parts and diagrams available online for the Super […]

What are Some of the Things That Can Cause Cloudy Pool or Spa Water?

There are several things that can be causing your swimming pool or spa water to appear cloudy. Rain, pollen and leaves are one, however the more people you have swimming  in your pool or relaxing in your spa increases your chances of cloudy water. Suntan oils or lotions, deodorants, makeup, small children urinating in the water, and […]

Changing Filter Media

Filter manufacturer’s recommend changing your filter sand or synthetic media every 5 years. While it will still do it’s job much longer than that, it will not be as efficient. When filter sand is new it is extremely rough. Over time the sand is smoothed out allowing dirt to pass much deeper into the filter.  […]

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