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When to Replace Your Pool Liner

The vinyl liners in above-ground and in-ground swimming pools do not last forever. From the everyday wear and tear it endures, to damage from sun and weather, it is inevitable that your liner will need to be replaced at some point. Knowing when it’s time to replace your liner is an important part of caring […]

Most Common Causes for Pool Pump Problems

Your pool’s pump is one of its most important components. It is designed to push the water through a filter, keeping your pool clean and free of algae and scum. Without the pump, your pool can quickly go from sparkling and refreshing to dirty and gross in no time. Unfortunately, the pump is also one […]

How To Add a Handrail to an Existing Pool

There are several ways to install a handrail on your existing pool deck. These options range from labor intensive and expensive to simple and inexpensive. When a handrail is installed on a new pool, typically anchors are poured into the deck for the handrails or ladder to sit in. These pre-installed anchors allow for the […]

Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

As a pool owner, it’s critical that you maintain your pool throughout the year, especially if it’s open year-round. However, many pool owners fall prey to the same, easy-to-make mistakes, which results in damage to the pool, equipment and safety of your water. Avoid these four common swimming pool maintenance mistakes this season. Draining the […]

Help! How Do I Measure the Corner Radius of My Pool?

Perhaps you are in the process of measuring your swimming pool, have come across the corners, and you’re not sure how to measure them.  Or perhaps you’re getting ready to measure your swimming pool and just want to research how to do it.  Either way, this short guide is about how to properly measure the […]

Can a Coverstar Automatic Cover Motor be Used with a Cover-Pools System?

The answer is in fact, Yes, most automatic cover manufacturers such as Coverstar offer a conversion kit that will allow their motor and switch to be used with other brands’s mechanisms such as Cover-Pools. In the attached photo you will see an example of the motor mounting plate which is attached to the mechanism and […]

20mil vs. 27 28 30 mil Swimming Pool Liners? Which is better?

Over the years, the most common question customers ask is; which liner is better? A 20mil liner or a thicker liner such as a 27mil, 28mil, or 30mil? Over the years, I have spoken to many different liner manufacturers, pool builders, and retailers and most do not believe thickness is a factor in most cases. […]

Variable Speed & Variable Flow Pumps: What’s the Difference?

In your search for efficiency and savings, you might have found that there are variable speed and variable flow pumps. Few manufacturers really tell you what the true difference is and why variable flow is more expensive. Why pay more for something if you don’t know whether it is better or not. So here goes: […]

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