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Checklist for Pool Winterization

It may seem like summer just ended, but it won’t be long before you’re dealing with cold—and depending on where you live, even freezing—temperatures. How will your pool survive the bitter temperatures? By preparing for pool winterization properly, you can prolong the life of your pool, extend your investment, and save yourself hours of hard work come springtime. Here’s your checklist for proper pool winterization.

First Things First: Purchase Your Supplies

Before closing down your pool for the winter season, the single most important thing to do is make sure that your pool is chemically balanced. The calcium hardness and total alkaline should be balanced, as well as your pH levels. If you forget about this important step, you may have to deal with etching or staining on the surface of your pool (which could cost you hundreds of dollars, come springtime!) Purchase a winterization chemical kit for your pool—an easy one step method—for ensuring your pool stays balanced and healthy all winter long.

When Water Freezes, Don’t Forget (it Expands!)

Make sure to think one step ahead of the cold weather that’s coming—when the temperature drops, your pool water may freeze (and if that happens, it’ll expand). If you’re dealing with freezing temperatures, this can cause quite a bit of damage to your pool’s siding and plumbing system.

To be sure your pool is properly protected in the coming months, enjoy peace of mind with one of our winter pool covers. They are specially designed and woven with polyethylene, a durable and long lasting material that will stand up to the harshest winter weather. Each of our swimming pool covers can be custom made, and come with a storage bag, stainless steel springs, brass anchors and a tool for easy installation.

Don’t Forget About Your Winter Accessories

Before closing up your pool for the season, make sure you’ve got all of your supplies on hand: water tubes, plugs and seals; and winter cover patch kits. Water tubes will help to ensure that your pool cover is adequately securing your pool water from the low winter temperatures, while winterizing plugs and seals will prevent freezing water from plugging up your pool’s plumbing system. Lastly, keeping cover patch kits on hand is an excellent way to be prepared in the middle of winter, when you need a quick and easy fix for your pool cover leak (which can happen due to extreme weather conditions).

No matter where in the country you may live, you want to preserve the health and functionality of your pool—as well as save yourself from added expenses in the spring/summertime. Invest a little now, with a strong and durable pool cover, and winterization supplies and accessories, and you’ll prolong the life of your pool, for the future.

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