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Different settings and their uses on your sand filter:

Different settings and their uses on your sand filter:

A sand filter uses a multi-port valve to operate the filter which removes dirt, algae and visible contaminants that enter a swimming pool. You must operate the filter system at least eight to twelve hours per day in order to remove wastes effectively.

The functions are as follows:

Filter: Use for normal filtration or vacuuming the pool.

Backwash: Is used to clean filter sand. Turn pump off, set multi-port valve to backwash, restart pump for several minutes or until site glass shows clear water. Then rinse filter.(see Rinse below).

Rinse: To clean water inside filter tank. Turn pump off, set multi-port valve to rinse, restart pump and run clean water through the  system for one minute. This process should also be done every time filter sand is added or replaced.

Waste: Use for vacuuming heavy concentrations of dirt directly to waste. This action bypasses the filter bed. It also can be used to lower the water level or drain the pool to the bottom of the skimmer.

Closed: Use for shutting off the flow to the filter and pool. Make sure your pump is off when using this function.

Winter: Used when closing a pool in areas especially where water can freeze. Be sure to remove all drain plugs from pump and filter system. Winter plugs can be stored in pump basket for safe keeping until spring. Pump and filter must be completely drained as expanding water can cause damage and is not covered under warranty

Re-circulate: Use for bypassing the filter tank. It is useful during extended periods away from the pool. This function permits automatic chlorinating systems to maintain proper chlorine levels while eliminating concern over pressure build-up in the filter. This also works well if your sand filter tank is leaking or has cracked.

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  1. I own a pool service company in miami and from personal experience I have found that sand filters should only be backwashed when you start to loose flow, as this filters tend to clean better when they are dirty. Have you found this to be the case also?

  2. doughboy says:

    It is good to know how different parts function in the sand filter.

  3. ECOsmarte says:

    Sand filters don’t really start pulling until the pressure gets to 6-10lbs past the starting pressure. A pressure gauge is a must. One common error is to backwash once per week. The thought is that a clean filter is a better filter. Not in the case of a sand filter. Another common mistake is to hand vacuum heavy debris into the filter. This will trash the filter and typically result in needing to backwash wasting any water saved by vacuuming into the filter in the first place. This is excluding small amounts of dirt that get in the bottom that are typically just brushed around to get back into suspension. The valve should be set to waste when vacuuming a larger amount of debris. To properly backwash a sand filter one should always do two cycles. Backwash 2-1/2 min then Rinse to clear after completion this should be repeated 2-1/2 minute backwash then rinse to clear. Rinsing to clear typically takes 15-30 seconds and clear can be viewed by the sight glass in the side of the filter. This brings up one huge point on sand filter operation. Never buy a sand filter without a multiport valve on it. A local pool store may try and sell you a filter with a side mounted push-pull valve. This valve only has two options filter and backwash. I’ve never talked to a pool professional with a good argument as to why you would want a push pull valve. To help improve filtrations take a look into recycled glass media.

  4. swimming pool heaters says:

    Thank you for sharing the information regarding the functions and uses of sand filter. Sand in the pool is usually the result of a broken “lateral” inside the filter.

  5. tonia says:

    I have been having my pool for 4 years with no problems. Recently the sand filter over pressured and blew out some of the above ground piping and the pool pummp. I had it replumbed and bought a new pool pump. 2 days later it happened again. I had the sand changed in the filter and again 2 days or so later it happened again. This has happened at least 5 times. No one can find the problem. Please Help!

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