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Enjoy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, from Royal Swimming Pools! This holiday originated as a day to celebrate, remember, and honor military veterans who were wounded and killed in combat. Today, many families remember any and all loved ones who have gone before them, honoring their memory and reflecting on their lives. There are numerous ways that people commemorate this holiday, both for its original meaning, and what it has come to signify throughout the years.

Here are some ways you can commemorate the holiday:

– Visit the memorial of a fallen veteran, or loved one. It is common practice to decorate memorials with American flags, for veterans, and with flowers for loved ones.

– Visit your local Amvets post, or find a local park or monument dedicated to veterans, and remember those who were wounded and killed in active duty.

– Fly an American flag outside your home or business, to signify national pride and solidarity with those who lost their lives to ensure our freedom. On Memorial Day, from sunrise-noon, flags are flown at half-mast. Then, for the remainder of the day, they are raised.

– Donate to the Honor Flight Network! This organization flies veterans to our Nation’s capital in order for them to experience the monuments dedicated to their service and sacrifice. For more information, visit the official Honor Flight Network website!

Memorial Day has, over the years, also become a holiday that marks the beginning of the summer season! Many people enjoy spending time outside, and gathering with friends and family to celebrate warmer weather and the carefree summer feeling. If you are hoping to celebrate this aspect of Memorial Day as well, here are some ideas:

– Have a picnic or potluck! Many people enjoy being outdoors and sharing a meal on Memorial Day.

– Attend a local parade or community gathering!

– Take a short weekend trip! While there are many people traveling on this holiday, it is a good time to get away for a set amount of time, and enjoy a quick getaway.

– And of course, if you have a pool, all the more reason to have a get-together right in your own backyard! Visit for all of your pool party needs, and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

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