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Happy New Year! Is Your New Year’s Resolution on This List?


Royal Swimming Pools hopes everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve. We know everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, so we made a list of some of the most common New Year’s resolutions we’ve heard! Let’s see if yours made the list.

01) Stop Smoking
02) Lose Weight
03) Exercise More
04) Stop Drinking Soft Drinks
05) Stop Drinking Alcohol
06) Get Out of Debt By Sticking To A Budget
07) Spend More Time With Family and Friends
08) Save Money
09) Help Others by Volunteering
10) Eat Healthier
11) Change Jobs
12) Continue Education
13) Decisions on Relationships
14) De-Clutter Your House
15) Become More Organized
16) Sleep More
17) Relax More
18) Take A Trip
19) Read More Books, Instead of Watching TV
20) Spend Less Time On The Internet

Was your resolution or goal on the list? If not we would like to hear from you on what was yours.

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