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How To Clean Your Salt Cell

Salt systems are a great way to reduce chlorine usage and cost of tablets. Salt systems work by using electrolysis to convert ordinary salt into chlorine. During this process however a calcium residue builds on the blades of the cell. The system operates most efficiently when the blades are free & clear. Once or twice a year you will need to remove the cell and give it a bath. Your cleaning solution should consist of 1 part muratic acid to 5 parts water. This is equivalent to about 15-20% acid. Always use extreme caution when working with acid. The steps you take are as follows:

  1. Shut down your filtration system
  2. Remove the cell by loosening the unions on each end (a union wrench or strap wrench can be used)
  3. Submerge cell into acid solution (let sit for 10 or so minutes)
  4. Use a cotton scrubber to remove calcium from blades (you do not want to use an abrasive scrubber as this will scratch the blades)
  5. Remove cell from solution and spray w high pressure hose inside and out
  6. Return cell to plumbing (hand tighten plus ¼ turn)
  7. Reset control box
  8. Start filtration system

Once you’ve finished cleaning your cell you will need to neutralize your acid solution by adding a pound of soda ash or several pounds of baking soda. Once its neutralized it is safe to dispose of. Regular cleaning of your cell will ensure the most efficient and longest life possible out of your salt system. Always refer to your owners manual for proper maintenance techniques of your system.

YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE SURE THE WATER IS IN THE BUCKET BEFORE YOU ADD THE ACID! We also recommend that you follow the acid manufacturer’s guidelines for using their product, and for the proper disposal of the acid mixture.

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  1. I always tell people you dont have to be afraid to use muratic acid… as long as you follow direction and use gloves and eye protection. Always Always use eye protection!

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