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How to Receive Your Freight Shipment

Many of our customers have never received a freight shipment, so here are a few guidelines we put together to prepare you for receiving your freight shipment from Royal Swimming Pools! If you have questions about any of the guidelines listed below or when you are receiving your shipment, feel free to call us for assistance!

#1: The delivery is to the curbside, so the delivery location must be accessible for an 18 wheel truck.

#2: The homeowner is responsible for unloading the shipment. You will need to have 2-3 people available to unload most shipments. The actual delivery location is the discretion of the delivery truck driver.


#3 : Lift gate service is optional service that may be offered for delivery. This service will help lower the shipment down to the curbside.

#4: Shipments may be shipped shrink wrapped in plastic and/or boxes on one or more pallets. The plastic wrap and boxes should be in tact and damage free upon delivery.


#5: Remove the plastic wrap to check your order with the driver’s delivery ticket.  You are checking to make sure that the number of pieces, skids, or pallets that you receive matches the number of pieces, skids, or pallets on the driver’s delivery ticket. (For example….If the Delivery Ticket/Bill of Lading shows 5 skids and you have 5 un-damaged skids you would sign for the shipment. If the Delivery Ticket/Bill of Lading shows you have 5 pieces but only 1 skid, then un-wrap the skid to ensure you have 5 damage-free pieces.)

#6: Be sure to notate any damage on the Delivery Ticket/ Bill of Loading and take pictures of the damaged items/area.


#7: Regardless of what the delivery driver claims, he must allow you to inspect the shipment for damage and ensure that you receive the correct number of items according to the delivery ticket BEFORE you sign for the shipment.

#8: If there is damage, but it appears to only affect packaging, you may still want to keep the shipment. To cover yourself, write on the delivery ticket, “OK upon further inspection.” Then take pictures of any and all damages and a picture of the driver’s copy of the delivery ticket.

#9: Remove wrapping and open boxes if necessary to check for damaged items. A damage claim cannot be filed with Royal Swimming Pools or its suppliers after the delivery ticket is signed unless all the damaged items are written on the delivery ticket or as per manufacturer’s warranty.

#10: When allowed by the delivery company, damaged items MUST be refused and returned to the delivery truck to be eligible for replacement. The homeowner must notify Royal Swimming Pools Customer Support of any damaged items which have been refused.




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