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Managing Your Pool When You are Out of Town

With Haywards Aqua Connect you can manage your inground swimming pool  no matter where you are as long as you have internet available. It allows you to monitor all of your swimming pool  and spa settings. You can even set it up to send you alerts if there are any problems are detected.  Purchase of Aqua Connect Home Network and subscription required . You can visit Hayward’s website for more information on this product.

With the Aqua Connect Web all that is  required is a landline Internet connection or web-enabled devices such as most cell phones. The  Aqua Connect Web and Aqua Connect Home Network are available on the Pro Logic, Aqua Plus, and Aqua Rite Pro. The Aqua Connect Home Automation is only available on the Pro Logic.

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  4. azpools says:

    I’m wondering if any actual customers who have this have any opinions on how well the Aqua Connect works and if they are happy with it. Any features they really like or options that you wish it had?

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