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Mild Winter = Hot Summer?

It’s February and our winter has been surprisingly warm. In our southern state of Tennessee, our average temperature for the winter months is 49 degrees Fahrenheit for the High and 30 degrees Fahrenheit for the Low. So far this winter, we’ve had temperatures above average for our area ranging in the 60s degrees F for the Highs down to the 30s degrees F for the Low. According to the dictionary, winter is the cold season between autumn and spring, usually experienced in December, January, and February. Winter is supposed to be the colder part of the year. With our winter being so warm I can only imagine what our summer will be like if the weather continues to rise up from our current temperatures. It is likely we will have a warmer spring and possibly even have a hot summer!

With that said, when the summer sun is blaring down on you, be sure to read our upcoming blog on Ways To Stay Cool This Summer!

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