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Open Your Pool Now!

It’s Spring Time! It is also time to open your pool!  I know what you’re thinking… It’s not warm enough to go swimming yet.  It may not be warm enough for you to enjoy swimming just yet, but here are some good points to consider.

Point One:  Some days it doesn’t seem like Mother Nature can make up her mind if she wants to be Winter or Spring. On those beautiful, sunny weekends where the temperature seems to be sweltering hot, it’s nice to have your pool open and ready for a spontaneous dip to cool off after you’ve cut the grass or worked in the garden.  Got kids?  I haven’t met any kid between the ages of 5-12 that doesn’t love to swim in the cold water!  Personally, I like my swimming water to be warmer than normal, but I remember as a kid not being able to wait for swimming season.  I was always thrilled when my parents would allow me to go swimming before the water was actually warm enough to go swim!

Point Two:  Cleaning your pool will be easier!  It’s that time of the year for pollen.  Pollen runs havic on stagnent water especially if you’re not cleaning it off regularly.  The pollen just keeps building up.  Also, if you wait to open your pool until May you’ll have more algae to clean up.  Algae loves to grow and grow in your pool when the temperatures start getting warmer as summer approaches.  If you open your pool in Spring before algae has much of a chance to grow, therefore; you’ll have less to clean up.

Point Three:  It’s pretty!  There’s nothing more relaxing then sitting on your pool deck with a glass of ice cold sweet tea in your hand while sun bathing next to your sparkling pool.  If you have a water feature or water fountain, that will add even more relaxation to the atmosphere!  Even if you are not able to sit countless hours by the pool, it’s still really enjoyable to look at from inside the house as you pass by the back window.

Point Four:  It’s not as expensive as you may think.  Pool equipment is designed with energy saving in mind.  So, pool companies may run Spring deals on chemicals or services and that saves you money too!

Point Five:  When the day finally comes around where the weather has been consistently warm and it’s time to swim, your pool will be there waiting for you to dive in!

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