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Pool Covers and Solar Blankets in the Summer

In the Spring and Summer months you might not think you need a pool cover.  The truth of the matter is, a pool cover does much more than just cover your pool in the winter.  A pool cover can keep heat in your pool, leaves out of the pool, and save your chemicals in addition to its safety benefits.  There are also different types of covers.  These would include solar blankets, automatic covers, and reel covers.

When a cover is used, heat stays trapped in the pool and the water temperature stays higher than if the pool was uncovered overnight.  This makes the water more comfortable to swim in during the day.  Even on a cloudy day, it would be more convenient to swim because of the heat trapped by a cover.  If the pool is covered overnight or even during the day when you aren’t swimming, leaves and other debris will stay out of your pool.  In turn, you won’t have to spend time getting the leaves out.  If you have a pool cleaner, it would reduce work for the cleaner and would reduce the frequency of backwashing or cleaning needed for your filter.  Since all these pool accessories would be working less, intervals between maintenance would increase.  With less debris in the pool, and less direct sunlight, chemical usage will be decreased.

A regular pool cover works well for trapping heat, but if you live in an area with a short pool season, a solar blanket may be a good option.  A solar blanket is a blanket filled with thermal bubbles that is made to cover your entire pool.  It heats and insulates your pool.  When sun hits the blanket and bubbles they heat up the pool water.  At night, the insulating characteristics of solar blankets keep heat in much better than a standard cover, resulting in higher water temperatures.  A solar blanket could add several weeks to your swim season!

There are also automatic cover and reel systems that reduce the work necessary to cover or uncover your pool.  Automatic covers come in several variations.  They can be installed under the coping, providing a seamless, attractive appearance, or on the deck, using a bench-like box and rails along the deck of your pool.  With a reel system, you would simply crank a handle to roll up your cover or blanket and pull the cover to the other side of the pool to cover it up.

Pool covers and solar blanket systems do require an investment, but the benefits can be very rewarding with the potential to save money, reduce pool maintenance, and make your pool more comfortable to swim in.

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  1. Karen Reader says:

    Pool covers are a great way to save on some pool maintenance and energy costs. If you also own a hot tub, a hot tub cover is just as important!

  2. Very well written post. It will be valuable to anybody who utilizes it, as well as myself. Keep doing what you are doing – for sure i will check out more posts.

  3. Question: We live in central Florida. Our pool has a “birdcage”, protecting it from bugs, leaves etc. It also has a bubble type cover. The question is; we will be away for a month and a friend will monitor chlorine level etc. Should we keep the pool covered for the month or uncovered? What are the pros and cons?

    Thank you

  4. Foster says:

    I would keep it covered simply bc it will use less chlorine and less debris will get in it. The suns uv rays break down the chlorine in your pool. If you shock it really good before you leave, and have your friend maintain the tablets in the chlorinator, your pool should be in good shape upon your returning home.

  5. Hayward Cleaner Parts says:

    Obviously! A cover act like a blanket floating on the surface of the water keeping the hot in. evaporation from the water surface is one the major reason of the heat loss from a swimming pool and a good cover reduces the heat loss due to evaporation by up to 85%.
    Swimming pool covers keep the warmth of the pool water and help to heat the water.

  6. Rod says:

    Can pool covers be used when away for several very hot months in Arizona summers? What are the advantages? Is there maintenance required?

  7. Daphne Waid says:

    We live in Northwestern Pennsylvania and have an easy set up pool and use a regular pool cover. Water is always cold so would love to use a solar cover. Only problem is we have wind alot. What would you recommend?

  8. Burt Silver says:

    I really like what you said about leaves and other debris staying out of your pool if you have a pool cover on. This is a really good point and a primary reason why I have been looking into getting a pool cover. My pool has been getting very dirty from all of the leaves and everything. Hopefully, I can find a pool cover that works with the curvature of my pool so that I stop getting tree leaves and other things from dirtying my pool.

  9. Laci Carnes says:

    Hello Daphne! Wind shouldn’t be a big issue with a solar cover/blanket which will help to trapped heat from the sun in your pool. If the water is still a little too brisk consider pairing the solar cover with a heater. For your part of the world a gas heater would work best. 🙂 Try the solar cover and if it’s still not where you want it check back in here for an above ground gas heater!

  10. Laci Carnes says:

    From winter covers to automatic covers, we can help sort out what kind would be best for your needs regardless of your pool’s shape! Check out our recent blog on pool cover types and let us know which one you’d be most interested in!
    POOL COVERS: What’s the difference and what are the benefits

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