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Pool Safety for your Pets

Don’t forget about the safety of your four-legged family members this summer. Whether around the pool in your own back yard, or at a friend or neighbor’s house, taking a few precautions could save your pet’s life.




  1. Be aware of your pet’s swimming abilities. Realize that this ability is not a given, no matter the breed & will diminish greatly in the evenings and as they age.
  2. Never leave your pet unsupervised near the water. Even excellent swimmers can slip and fall into the water – which brings us to #3
  3. Make sure your pet knows how to get out of the pool. Even if your pet is not allowed in the pool, accidents happen. Practice having them get out of the pool several times, so they can exit easily should they get tired or just want out. Consider purchasing a pet pool ramp designed to provide your pet their very own exit.
  4. Practice the “come” command to get your pet out of the water. Pets can be stubborn and may not get out on their own if they are growing tired. Training them to “come” could help keep playtime from turning dangerous.
  5. Invest in a life vest.
    Make sure it fits well, is comfortable for your pet and is highly visible.
  6. Get an Alarm.
    Like a baby monitor for your pool, an alarm will sound if anything over a certain weight (usually 15lbs) falls into your pool. They also make pet collar alarms that will sound if they become submerged. But remember – alarms are only as effective as the person listening for them. Nothing replaces supervision.
  7. Brush up on your Pet CPR.

Taking the precautions we have already covered is a great start, but accidents can still happen. Should the need arise, make sure you are armed with every tool necessary to prevent the loss of a pet, including CPR.

What are some other ways to keep your pets safe around the pool? Drop us a line in the comments below!

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  1. Dogs are natural swimmers, I remember my pet who fell at the pool while playing. He managed to swim out of the water. The only worry I had that time is that he might have drank some water. Nonetheless, I won’t leave him near the pool anymore.

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