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Pros & Cons of Pools with 48″ Wall Panels

Royal Swimming Pools is very happy to now offer 48″ steel wall panels. With more people choosing sports or play pools for their residential homes, they are leaning towards 48″ wall panels over 42″ panels. Pool owners are beginning to want deeper shallow ends, and with sports and play pools having two shallow ends and being deeper in the middle, it is a great option. Swimming pool walls that are 48″ also offer shorter side slopes. This is especially convenient for playing different pool water sports like volleyball. It is also a great feature for taller people. The rectangle pools with the 48″ wall panels come standard with a 48″ tall 8′ Roman Back Sit-n-Step. We are also offering custom vinyl over steel step options.

There are some disadvantages of 48′ wall panels however. The swimming pool water depth will be 6″ deeper in the shallow end, making it too deep for for some toddlers and small children to be able to stand without the water being over their head. The taller steel wall panels are more expensive, as are the replacement liners due to the pool depth being non standard in the shallow end.

Royal Swimming Pools wants everyone to remember though, no matter the size of the wall panels you decide for your pool, always remember to have safety first in mind especially with children and family pets.

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  1. Johnny says:

    Another method to achieve a deeper shallow area is by creating a cove area in the shallow end. You could take a standard 42″ wall, then add a small 6″ x 6″ cove. By doing this, you would have the same depth as a standard 48″ wall panel pool would have and save money in the process!

  2. Nedra says:

    How is the cove achieved or added?

  3. Greg says:

    The cove-method is a very easy way to achieve a deeper shallow end or deeper flat bottom with a 42″ panel. Instead of the pool bottom being completely flat, there will be a cove that is basically a slope away from the wall down to the shallow-end depth or flat bottom depth. Length of the cove will depend how deep you would like the shallow end or flat bottom. The only other consideration when choosing to cove the shallow end for a deeper shallow end is that you will need to also shape a “ramp” in front of the step so there is something to step onto when you get in the pool.

  4. Paul Taylor says:

    I agree with johnny, as 48″ wall is more expensive and this is not for small children, if we use 42″ wall and then add a small 6″x6″ cove. this will work same as 48″ wall and also less expensive.

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