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Salt Systems

Some of the advantages of adding a salt system to your swimming pool are:
1) No more itchy skin
2) No more burning eyes
3) Doesn’t bleach out your swim suits and other items
4) No more harsh chlorine smell
5) No more buying large quantities of expensive chlorine.
6) You don’t have to worry about mixing the chlorine up and putting it in your above ground or inground swimming pool.
Make your own pure fresh chlorine day in and day out. Salt pool systems are available for Above Ground Pools and for In-Ground Pools. Evenly disperses the chlorine throughout the entire swimming pool via the return jets of the pools filtration system. Provides 100% of your swimming pool sanitation needs automatically. Simply test your swimming pool water weekly, add salt as needed, and adjust for more or less chlorine. Works on all swimming pool types, plaster, vinyl or fiberglass. All of the chlorine that has been added to your swimming pool, reverted to salt and you may be surprised how much salt is already in your swimming pool. The salt display will let you know the level of salt in your swimming pool.

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  1. Useful information about the advantages of adding a salt system to the swimming pool.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Jamie Murphy says:

    how much salt is needed initally when first filling pool, we will be putting into close to 13,000 gallons of water in pool

  3. Johnny says:

    jamie, that would depend on the PPM that you’re salt system requires. Most salt systems recommend 3200ppm. If your salt lever is 0ppm and you need 3200ppm then you need to add about 340 lbs of salt. I would recommend only putting 240-280 at first and wait 24 hours and check salt and add if needed.

  4. Michael Steven says:

    There is a big advantage of using salt system, especially for indoor pool.

  5. Kaden says:

    Hats off to weovher wrote this up and posted it.

  6. Pool Maintenance Florida says:

    Jammy, The salt level required to maintain a safe, chlorinated pool is about 2500 to 4000 PPM (parts per million). The human body cannot taste salt until the PPM is around 5000. The amount of salt in the pool is not noticeable

  7. James says:

    Many people are choosing to remodel their swimming pool systems to add saltwater chlorination. With a saltwater pool system, a chlorine generator is added to the pool’s filtration system. The water circulates through the chlorinator, where salt produces a chlorine gas that dissolves into the water. That chlorine in turn, breaks down and turns into salt, cycling the process all over again.

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